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WWW.NDTC.COM - New Directions Technology Company - generous hosts of the Australian Galaxie website. Competitive web hosting packages, webmail and impeccable support and service. Try NDTC for your webhosting needs.

The Rubber Connection - weatherseals, exterior trim and brightwork, overseas and local parts locator service. Call Barry or Chris (03) 9877 0811

Big Al's Corral - panels, brightwork and accessories for Ford and Mercury full size cars 1962 through 1970 - (02) 46 255 006

All American Auto Parts - mechanical, suspension, brakes and engine hardware for your Ford or Mercury - (03) 53 33 33 88

Flysher Enterprises - motor repair parts, gaskets - (03) 9481 4543

Monterey Classic Wedding Cars for that special occaision - 1961, 1963 and 1964 Convertible Galaxie Wedding Cars

The Association of Motoring Clubs Victoria Representing our hobby, supporting the Club Permit Schemes and providing annual events for all to attend

Legendary Ford Magazine High quality Ford Magazine dedicated to 50's, 60's and 70's Fords, Mercuries and derivatives. Great reading!
- Thunderbirds of Queensland, terrific website
- International Club for Ford enthusiasts, with a truly amazing amount of information for every Ford enthusiast
- 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry
- The International Thunderbird Registry
- Early Amateur Australian Motor Racing Image Archive
- Galaxie Club of Brazil. Vast array of 1966 Galaxie's and their derivatives through to the early 1980's(This site is written in Portugese - use Google language tools to translate).
- Galaxie's of Brazil (This site is written in Spanish)
- Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria
- The Ford Galaxie Club of America
- Ford Australia Forums



Parts and Services - Overseas:
Holman Moody - One of the most
famous names in Ford performance!

Dearborn Classics - Ford specialists supplying interior trim and reproduction parts

Autokrafters - body and trim parts

Ebay - the occasional bargain!

Desert Valley Auto Parts - panels

Sunman Ford - panels and used parts


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